How to Make the Best Venison Kielbasa

Venison Kielbasa Overview

Kielbasa, also known as summer sausage or polish sausage, is a food that has been prepared for literally hundreds of years and dates back to 589B.C. Known commonly as sausage to many, this popular item can often take traditionally inedible and unappealing foods and makes them edible through processing of natural ingredients. Made from natural products such as casings, fats and spices, kielbasa continues to be enjoyed by individuals all over the world every day.

Venison KielbasaThe Process of Making Venison Kielbasa

The process of making venison sausage (aka kielbasa or polish sausage) is straightforward and can be done using basic equipment and commonly found ingredients. When following your favorite venison kielbasa recipe, be sure you are using clean and sterile processing equipment, as well as fresh ingredients. It is best to process the sausage when both the equipment and ingredients are cold or chilled, as game meats like venison tend to be much denser with connective tissue which makes processing more difficult. In fact, when processing venison, it is best that the meat be slightly frozen in addition to adding 30-70% more fat to the recipe by adding either pork or beef.

Having a good meat grinder is nearly essential when making kielbasa and other types of processed venison meat. Processing attachments can be purchased for existing equipment (such as a Kitchenaid mixer) or heavy-duty grinders can be found in many cooking stores or specialty shops. When deciding your processing equipment, it is often a good idea to check into product reviews and ratings on sites such as Amazon to make sure you can use the equipment for your intended purpose. See our equipment section for more information on products you will need for processing.

Follow these seven easy steps to make your own homemade Venison Kielbasa or Venison Polish Sausage. Check out our Recipes section for individual recipes.

Venison Summer SausageEquipment Needed to Make Venison Kielbasa

Season and Spice the Deer Meat

Depending on your liking, use your favorite venison spice recipe or marinade before combining all of your ingredients with the meat and fat. Allow to marinate for 24 hours while keeping chilled and covered in the fridge. When done, make sure you slightly freeze the meat prior to grinding to make the process easier and smoother. Otherwise, you may find yourself cleaning the processing equipment frequently due to the collection of fibrous tissue and fats.

Venison Polish SausageGrind the Venison Kielbasa Meat

Once again, begin the grinding process by putting the marinated meat and fat in the freezer until it is semi-firm but not frozen. Make sure that all of the processing equipment and utensils are cool before working the meat into the grinder. When ready, grind the meat with any juices and seasonings and mix well once complete.

Mix the Processed Venison Kielbasa Meat

While cool, place the meet back in the freezer for a few extra minutes. Take out our and mix the meat with your hands or by machine, depending on your preference. Once the mixture of meat is uniform and the fat is evenly distributed, combine and place the mix back in the fridge.

Soak the Venison Kielbasa Casings in Water

The casings are easily prepared by putting in a bowl of warm water for half an hour. Carefully check each casing for holes by running water through each individual one and remove any parts that contain holes or leaks.

Fill the Venison Kielbasa Casings

Again, making sure the equipment is cool, remove your meat from the fridge and add it to the stuffer. Slip the first casing onto the tube of your stuffer, leaving a slight gap between the end of the stuffer and the end of the casing. Begin cranking the handle slowly, filling the casing to the desired length. When complete, tie the casing on both ends and begin your next link.

Make Venison Kielbasa Links

If you prefer shorter venison kielbasa links, simply pinch the casing about six inches away from the end of the separate filling while twisting the link closest to you several times. Continue this every six inches along the casings, alternating the way you twist the casings to ensure the links do not unravel. To prevent bursting while cooking, place several small needle holes in each link before completing.

Store the Venison Sausage

Hang the venison kielbasa links over a pan for a few hours. Then, carefully take each strand and wrap butcher’s paper around them and allow them to sit in the fridge for 24 hours before cooking. If you will not be immediately enjoying the venison kielbasa, you may place your creation in the freezer to be enjoyed at a later date.

Enjoy our Venison Kielbasa!