Can I Cook Frozen Venison?

You can cook frozen venison directly, but follow my simple tips to make sure you do not spoil the meat…

If your venison is still frozen but you need a good hearty meal, there are some ways you can use to cook it perfectly. I often find myself  pressed for time, so I put together these tips to help you prepare a good meal for your family with frozen venison.

Don’t Use a Fast or High Heat Method with Frozen Venison

It is generally not a good idea to cook frozen venison using fast or high heat methods such as grilling or frying, so stick to the “slow and low” rule. Visit our crock pot recipes section for some slow cooking recipes or our venison cooking tips section for more cooking tips on how to prepare venison. A best bet is to try a crock pot recipe to slowly defrost and cook it, or place the meat in lukewarm water for an hour or so prior to cooking.

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