South Carolina Deer Hunting Laws & Regulations

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

1000 Assembly Street
Columbia, SC 29201
Phone: 800-277-4301

South Carolina Deer Impact, Ecology & Deer Populations

There are an estimated 725,000 Deer state wide. The economic impact of South Carolina Deer hunting is estimated to be $500 million annually. The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources is in charge of monitoring deer regarding numbers, managed hunts, enforcing laws and regulations. They monitor the balance of deer in relation to economic, ecological and safety needs of the state. They implement programs designed to control the deer population. Damage from deer includes farm crops, plant extinction, forest damage, yard damage, plant extinction, forest damage car accidents and the spread of disease. They monitor the deer population for diseases such as Chronic wasting disease, Epizootic Hemorrhagic disease, tuberculosis, lyme disease and parasites.Deer-auto collisions have averaged at 23,000 per year over the past 4 years. The estimated deer harvest in 2010 was 222,649.

South Carolina Deer Hunting Laws and Regulations

All South Carolina Deer hunting parties must posses a valid current hunting license. Licenses and permits are required for hunting. Anyone born after after June 30,1979 must successfully complete a hunter education course that is approved by the SC Department of Natural Resources before a hunting license is issued. In Season legal hunting time is 1 hour before sunrise until 1 hour after sunset. It is against the law to hunt from a boat or hunt a deer that is in water. Possessing a deer with a head detached while in transit is against the law. It is against the law to hunt within 300 yards of a residence without permission of the owner and occupants. It is illegal to hunt, catch, take, kill a deer with any recorded or amplified sound. Hunting is prohibited on Sundays on all WMA lands. It is legal to hunt on Sundays on private lands. On WMA lands with check stations, deer bagged must be checked at a check station.

This website offers an online map of the areas you can hunt by animal: (

This website offers an overview of regulations:
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South Carolina Deer Processors

All carcass must hunter’s name, address and hunting license number if storing in cooler or cold storage. This does not apply to private residence storage who have Deer Tags corresponding to the Deer.

South Carolina Antlerless Deer Quota Program

This program is set up to control the Deer population and is based on the location conditions regarding recreational and agricultural objectives. Deer overpopulation can affect crops and cause seeding damage as well as the spread of disease and parasite outbreaks.

South Carolina Deer Hunting Seasons


This website features the states deer seasons in each zone. There are 6 Zones in the State of South Carolina (Website: which each feature local laws, specific hunting areas and seasons.

South Carolina Deer Hunting Violations


This website features an overview of the states Point & Suspension Systems for Natural Resource Violations

South Carolina Deer Hunting Licensing and Fees

Antlerless Deer Tags (2 Tags – $10.00) (4 Tags – $20.00) (max 4 tags per person per year)
State Hunting License-Annual ($12.00)
State Hunting License-3 Year ($36.00)
Big Game Permit – Annual ($6.00)
Big Game Permit-3 Year ($18.00)

South Carolina Deer Hunting Non-Resident Fees

State Hunting License – Annual ($125.00)
10 Day Hunting License ($75.00)
Big Game Permit – Annual ($100.00)

South Carolina Deer Hunting Public Drawing Hunts


The PDH program offers South Carolina Deer hunting to the public on lands mananged intensively for wildlife.