Oklahoma Deer Hunting Laws and Regulations

Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation

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Oklahoma Deer Impact, Ecology and Populations

There are an estimated 550,000 deer. The economic impact of Oklahoma deer hunting is estimated to be $320 million annually. The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation is in charge of monitoring deer regarding numbers, managed hunts, enforcing laws and regulations. They monitor the balance of deer in relation to economic, ecological and safety needs of the state. They implement programs designed to control the deer population. Damage from deer includes farm crops, plant extinction, yard damage, plant extinction, forest damage, car accidents and the spread of disease. They monitor the deer population for diseases such as Chronic wasting disease, Epizootic Hemorrhagic disease, Tuberculosis, Lyme disease and Parasites. Deer-auto collisions have averaged at 8,000 per year over the past 4 years. The 2008 Deer Oklahoma deer hunting harvest was 111,427.

Oklahoma Deer Hunting Laws & Regulations

All hunters must posses a valid and current hunting license while Oklahoma deer hunting. Shooting Hours: One-half hour before official sunrise to one-half hour after official sunset. Field Tagging Requirements: All hunters (including lifetime license holders) who harvest a deer or elk must immediately attach their name, license number, and date and time of harvest securely to the carcass. Annual license holders who harvest deer must also complete the “Record of Game” section on the license form. The use of computer software or services that allow a person, not physically present, to remotely control a firearm or weapon to hunt any live animal or bird is prohibited.

Dogs may not be used in taking bear, deer, elk, antelope and turkey. No person may attempt to take, take, attempt to catch, catch, attempt to capture, capture, attempt to kill, or kill any deer, feral animal or other wildlife, except fish and frogs or except as provided by law, by the use of a vehicle mounted spotlight or other powerful light at night, by what is commonly known as headlighting. No person may harass, attempt to capture, capture, attempt to take, take, kill or attempt to kill any wildlife with the aid of any motor-driven land, air or water conveyance, except a non-ambulatory person may hunt from said conveyances with a non-ambulatory or motor vehicle permit. Hunters must obtain permission to enter any posted or occupied land or land primarily devoted to farming, ranching or forestry purposes.

Oklahoma Deer Hunting – Orange Color Requirements

All Oklahoma deer hunting persons participating in any antelope, bear, deer or elk season using a firearm (muzzleloader or gun) must conspicuously wear both a head covering and an outer garment above the waistline, both totaling at least 400 square inches of hunter orange. Camouflage hunter orange is legal as long as there are at least 400 square inches of hunter orange.

More information on Oklahoma deer hunting laws and regulations can be found here.

Oklahoma Deer Hunting Season

Information on Oklahoma deer hunting seasons can be found here.

Oklahoma Deer Hunting Licensing and Costs

There are three ways to purchase an Oklahoma deer hunting license:

1. Online! There is a $3.00 convenience fee to use the online application. you simply apply and print your license. You will not have to wait for your license in the mail. Click here to purchase your hunting or fishing license.

2. License Dealer – There are over 700 license dealers spread across the state– from sporting goods stores to bait shops, from convenience stores to large discount centers.

3. Non-residents may also order licenses directly from the Wildlife Department by calling (405) 521-3852. Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. till 4:30p.m. (Visa or MasterCard only. Allow for mailing time to receive your license).

Consult the official Oklahoma hunting and fishing regulations for license requirements and exemptions.

Oklahoma Deer Hunting – Conclusion

For other hunting laws and regulations, please see our page of US Deer Hunting. We hope this information on Oklahoma deer hunting was useful, and that you continue to enjoy the sport.