Venison Marinades and Sauces

Overview: Venison Marinade and Sauce

Venison Marinade

There is no better way to cook a delectable, rewarding piece of deer meat then by cooking it with a tasty venison marinade or sauce. The process of marinating is soaking meat in a seasoned liquid before one begins the cooking process. By soaking the meat in these special sauces for several hours, the venison is able to become naturally tendered and will taste less gamey.

Generally made of a mix of herbs, spices and oils, marinades can be picked up at any local store or specialty shop. These special types of sauces allow the venison to soak in flavor which allows for the ultimate taste for those who eat it. Since this type of meat is very lean and does not contain much fat, it is important to not over cook the meat.

Venison Marinade – Time to “Soak” the Meat

Venison MarinadeA maximum of 4-6 hours to soak the deer meat in a venison marinade is the most you should spend in order to keep the meat from drying out. Some ingredients that people add to their venison marinades include but are not limited to:  olive oil, lemon juice, salt pepper, parsley, basil, etc. By applying a marinade to the venison, the meat becomes tender and juicy. If you prefer to use a basic, everyday sauce, many people find that using the traditional store bought sauces are sufficient to marinate their venison.These include barbeque sauce, buffalo sauce, sweet and tangy sauce, teriyaki sauce, and even A1 steak sauce.

When marinating venison, there are many different options one can use to ensure the desired taste and texture are achieved. Try experimenting by using a few different types to find the perfect combination for you, your family and your friends. Or, try some of our recipes for home-made sauces and venison marinades below.

Venison Marinade & Sauce Recipes

More Venison Marinade & Sauce Recipes from VenisonHQ

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