Venison Kielbasa Recipes

Enjoyed All Around the World, Venison Kielbasa Remains a Food People Love to Enjoy with Family and Friends…

Venison Kielbasa is a type of sausage that is very popular in Europe and all over the world. If you are looking to make delicious kielbasa, I suggest you will need about 5 pounds of meat to use; about 3 and a half pounds of the actual deer meat and about a pound and a half of pork or beef fat to add to the kielbasa.

How You Can Make the Best Venison KielbasaVenison Kielbasa

With over 20+ years of venison making, I suggest you first grind your venison in order to use it for kielbasa. After the meat is ground, it has to be stuffed into the sausage casings and then tied at the end. The length and width of the sausage can be adjusted to your preferences. Then you must cook the kielbasa after the casings are completely dry on the outside. The dryer the casings are, the better the kielbasa will taste after it is cooked and prepared.

Cooking Venison Kielbasa

Kielbasa rings are usually smoked over an open flame but can also be broiled in an oven. When the kielbasa is cooked, it should sit for at least 24 hours and be cooled at a temperature slightly above 32 degrees. For more information on how to make kielbasa, visit our How to Make Venison Kielbasa page.

Venison Kielbasa Recipes

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