How To Defrost Venison

How to Defrost Venison – OverviewHow to Defrost Venison

When learning how to defrost venison and other foods, it is important to thaw at the proper temperature and method depending on the type of meat used. Improper defrosting can lead to foodborne illness. For meats, poultry, egg products and perishable foods this is paramount. The safest ways to thaw food are in a Refrigerator or Cooler, Cold Water and a Microwave. We suggest visiting our how to defrost venison section to make sure you use the right method when thawing your deer meat so that it does not turn out tough or hard to eat.

How to Defrost Venison & Other Meats Safely

Cooking a frozen product is safe, however it may not be suitable for the item cooked regarding texture and taste. When Thawing the temperature of 40 F has been a standard for may foods as it is not too cold or warm in order for the food to thaw and ideal to limit bacteria growth. When Thawing it is important to keep the food away from other foods. It is also important to ensure none of the juices from the thawing food run off onto surfaces or other food.

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