Venison Preparation

How to Prepare Venison for Cooking – Overview

If you enjoy venison as much as I do, then finding the best way to cook it can sometimes be a challenge. If not prepared properly before cooking, Venison will surely take on a more gamey taste than many people would prefer. To prevent this from happening and to ensure your Venison meal tastes great for you and your family, follow my simple tips located below. I have been using these tips and  techniques for over 20+ years, so I am sure they will help to make sure the meat tastes good but that is also safe to eat! You can also Sign up now to get instant access to my 150 TOP SECRET Venison Recipe Book and start enjoying the BEST Venison Recipes and cooking tips!

How to Prepare Venison – Defrosting

How to Prepare VenisonIt is common for many people to store their Venison in the freezer for months prior to preparation. If the game that you would like to cook appears frozen, the first method to prepare the meat would be to let it defrost naturally in the refrigerator. Doing so will prevent rapid bacteria growth that can often lead to sickness. To note: Microwave defrosting is not recommended due to the fact that it can increase the toughness and texture of the meat. Once fully defrosted, ensure that the meat is prepared within 2 days. For more information, please see our Defrosting Venison page.

Venison Preparation – Tenderizing

Due to the fact that Venison meat is very lean and can be tough, many people enjoy tenderizing as they prepare venison meat prior to cooking. This can be accomplished in several ways, which will enhance the texture and flavor of the meat. To do so, one method is to soak the meat in mild vegetable acid for several hours in the refrigerator prior to cooking. Some ideas that also can be substituted for vegetable acid include vinegar, tomato sauce, milk and other types of dressings and then follow-up the tenderization process with a good marinade. Tip: avoid store-bought tenderizers as they tend to not be made for Venison and will result in mushy meat!

Prepare Venison with a Meat Mallet

Prepare VenisonAnother method that works well in tenderizing Venison meat is that of using a meat mallet to break down the fibers within the meat. Prior to pounding the meat with a mallet, it is often a good idea to soften it by soaking it for at least two hours in a solution of vinegar mixed with water. For more flavor, Italian dressing can also be used. Once softened and tenderized, the meat is ready for either marinating or cooking (if you would prefer).

Preparation – Marinating Venison

If left marinating for too long, the Venison meat will tend to get squishy so try to avoid too much saturation. Avoid this by planning when you will be cooking the meat and start the marinating process several hours before hand. Keep this in mind when picking a marinade: Venison and other game meats typically appear to have a slightly sweeter taste than store bought beefs. Therefore, try to pick marinades, sauces, and tenderizers that are low in sugar count – remember that many marinades are made exclusively for beef products!

How to Prepare Venison – Try it!

No matter which method you use to prepare venison, just give it a try and see the results. It is often hard to know exactly how to enjoy venison unless you try cooking it or preparing it in different ways. Whatever method you choose to prepare venison, just be sure to follow the above tips and let VenisonHQ know if you have any other questions by contacting us.

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