Best Camouflage Gifts and Camo Presents for Hunters

The Best Camouflage Gifts and Presents for Hunters – OverviewCamouflage Gifts

Camouflage GiftsAre you looking for a unique gift idea for that favorite hunter on your shopping list? Then we have the perfect gift for them this holiday season, and that is the gift of camouflage! Whether you are buying for a venison hunter in your family, or simply for someone who is a love of the great outdoors, follow along below for some of the best camouflage gifts for Christmas 2011. Note: some of these camouflage gifts are gag gifts and are not meant to be serious.

Camouflage Hunting Knife – AE-06 Digi Camo Aegis Knife

Camouflage GiftsShowcasing top-end opening and locking technology from SOG, the AE-06 Digi Camo Aegis Tanto Folding Knife is a sleek, versatile, and easy-to-handle tool that can stand up to tough use. Featuring a 3.5-inch stainless steel blade with a black TiNi finish, a well-balanced body, and SOG’s trademarked DigiGrip handle, this knife makes quick work of a wide variety of tasks–whether you expected to come across them or not. This camo knife makes for one of the best camouflage gifts for any hunter!

Price: $64.99

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Camouflage Diaper Dude Diaper Bag

Camouflage Diaper Dude Diaper Bag - Camouflage giftsSurely, one of the best camouflage gifts for any new daddy. As seen on “The View”, US Weekly, In Style Magazine, Parenting Magazine, TV’s Extra!, and in many more fine publications. Say goodbye to flowery diaper bags… Now there’s Diaper Dude! Diaper Dude is not your average diaper bag. It was designed with dad in mind. A cool, hip, funky diaper bag that comes complete with changing pad, cell phone holder and key ring for dads on the go.

Diaper dude is compartmentalized and has enough space to hold those essentials needed for a day out with dad. Three large front pockets are designed for wipes, food, bibs, utensils and more. The main compartment contains a special place for diapers, changing pad and is big enough to hold a change of clothes, toys and extras. A bottle holder is at arms reach, so dad can access milk or juice at a moments notice. But most of all, Diaper Dude is form fitting to the body, comfortable, hip and affordable. And moms love wearing it too! Bag measures approx. 16″wide and 14″tall and 4.5″ deep.

Price: $52.99

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Camouflage Dog Vest or Camo Dog Shirt

Step In Camo Dog Vest - Dog Camouflage giftsDon’t forget the camouflage gifts for those canines on your shopping list this year! This step in style camouflage dog vest is a stylish way to keep your dog warm in cold weather. Featuring a stylish camo pattern and Velcro down the back, this vest can be put on and taken off very easily – a perfect give for any canine on your shopping list! This vest fits pets up to 16″ in length and is weather resistant to help keep your dog warm and dry.

Price: $21.50

Purchase the Camouflage Dog Vest or Camo Dog Shirt here with FREE super saver shipping. Other Camouflage Dog Clothing available here.

Camouflage Marshmallow Blaster

Camouflage Marshmallow Blaster Gift - Camo presentsThere’s strong and now there’s Marshmallow strong. When you need serious fire power for a surprise attack, now you know what to do. With its single shot or shotgun capabilities, the Camo Blaster is sure send enemy forces into a hasty retreat. They can run, but they can’t hide… not unless they can put 40 feet between them and your itchy trigger finger! Equipped with the same functions as the original Marshmallow Blaster, the Camo Blaster is decked-out in a combat-ready camouflage design. Perfect for any kid OR adult, fun for all ages awaits with this toy – one of the most treasured camouflage gifts for any child.

Price: $27.95

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Rivers Edge Products Realtree Camo Shower Curtain

Rivers Edge Products Realtree Camo Shower Curtain - Camouflage giftsA gag gift for any camouflage lover for sure! This Fall Transition Camo Shower Curtain has a polyester construction to reduce fading and to shed water. It includes 12 plastic rings, and features a Fall Transition Camouflage pattern – perfect for any camouflage hunter on your gift list. Dress up the bathroom – or mancave – with this real camo shower curtain today.

Price: $26.14

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Primos Qs3 Magnum – Ground Swat Camouflage Blind Chair

Primos Qs3 Magnum - Ground Swat Camoflauge Blind Chair giftsWhen you spend as much time in our ground blinds as we do, you eventually create the “best seat in the house” instead of trying to “make do” with some chair from a discount store. Standard chairs are apt to cut off blood flow on the back of your legs, leading to discomfort and cold feet. They also restrict mobility and don’t allow the range of motion that our QS3 Tri-Stool provides. Of course, we designed this tri-stool at the perfect height to see through all of our blind window openings.

Price: $30.97

Purchase the Ground Swat Camoflauge Blind Chair with FREE super saver shipping.

Camouflage Six-Pack Beer Holster Belt

Camouflage Six-Pack beer Holster Belt - Camo gag giftsThese camouflage beer holsters are a great gift for dads (Especially that drink beer). It gets a lot of laughs from anyone. It is durable for the price, and it can also hold cans in addition to bottles. This is also a great gag gift for any drinkers. A wonderful product and a sure conversation piece, with this on there’s always someone who hasn’t seen it before! Great for breaking the ice if you have people coming over for the first time.

Product Features:

  • Certified to bring on the good times and guaranteed to captivate the ladies
  • These beer belts eliminate any need for washboard abs
  • You’ll already have a “six pack”…of delicious brews at your fingertips
  • Easily extends to fit waists up to 44” and holds both cans and bottles

Price: $11.48

Purchase the Camouflage Six-Pack beer Holster Belt with FREE super saver shipping.

Deer Hunter’s Camouflage Snuggie

Deer Hunter's Camouflage Snuggie Fleece Blanket with Sleeves - Unusual hunting gifts 2011Camouflage GiftsAh, the perfect gag gift and blanket for any deer hunter on your Christmas list. Keep the hunter you love warm during the cool winter months with an affordable Camouflage Snuggie. Hunter’s can also use the Snuggie when hunting in the field to keep warm, since it is camouflage and a blanket all in one. How can you go wrong with one of the greatest deer hunter camouflage gifts ever made?!

The Deer Hunter Camouflage Snuggie Features:

  • Hands free – use phone, remote, laptop, gun, ammo, etc…
  • Oversized sleeves – stay wrapped in warmth
  • Super large – one size fits all
  • Perfect for outdoor events and hunting
  • Now with pockets and in camouflage!
Price: $13.95 – FREE SHIPPING

The Best Camouflage Gifts – Conclusion

We hope that this guide gives you some great gift ideas for the camo lover on your Christmas list this year. For other related gifts, please feel free to explore our blog. Topics include: Top Hunting Gifts, Best Hunting Jackets, Best Hunting Lights, and Unique Deer Hunter Gifts for Christmas 2011. Of course, camouflage gifts are always a hit for any hunter on your list, so enjoy the above and check out some of the products we recommended!