LEM Auto Patty Maker Review

The LEM Automatic Hamburger Patty Maker Helps You Make Hamburger, Sausage, Chicken and Veggie Patties with Ease…

With so many different types of hamburger patty makers on the market today, I found it hard to choose which unit to buy. I tested over 10+ models, and by far the LEM Automatic Hamburger Patty Maker is the easiest to use and cleanup. In no time, I was processing my own patties for much less money than my local butcher. In fact, I have used this in making my own chicken, turkey and veggie burgers that are to die for! Not only is this unit great for home use, but it is also great for a butcher shop and can process 75lb+ of hamburger per hour!

LEM Automatic Hamburger Patty MakerLEM Automatic Hamburger Patty Maker Features

  • Attaches to your meat grinder with ease (comes with attachments to fit nearly all grinders)
  • Makes 4″ patties 3/4″ thick
  • Has a clear top so you can see your patty and how the machine is working
  • Easy to clean and works with freezer sheets to keep frozen patties from sticking together

LEM Automatic Hamburger Patty Maker Product Details

  • Weight: 3.6Lb
  • Width: 11.25In
  • Height: 12.37In
  • Depth: 11.62In
  • Shipping Weight: 3.5 pounds

Buy the LEM Automatic Hamburger Patty Maker Today

Save yourself the hassle and aggravation of making your patties by hand and purchase this LEM Automatic Hamburger Patty Maker today.

Buy the LEM Auto Patty Maker.

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