Butcher Knives

Why All Kitchens Need a Good Butcher Knife

Selecting the best butcher knife for venison and meat processingBuying a good butcher knife is a vital piece of equipment for any chef or person preparing their own meat at home. Can you imagine yourself using a rusty old knife to hack up a good piece of meat? If your like me, you don’t even want to think about that! Whether being used for dressing wild game or supermarket meat, it is essential to have a few good knives around your kitchen or shop to help you with the task of meat processing. In my own personal experience, I recommend that you buy a high quality butcher knife of knife set due to the fact that you will be using it for a long time and you want it to last. Having the proper tools will go a long way, trust me on this one!

Choosing the Best Venison Butcher Knife

Think about what you will be using your ideal butcher knife for. Depending on the task you are charged with, there are several different butcher knife options you have to choose from. When selecting a knife or knife set, go with one that balances comfortably in your hand and is easy to work with. Of note: butcher knives tend to be heavier than regular knives, so keep this in mind when selecting your ideal butcher knife! For your information, the following section provides a brief overview of the different types of butcher knives available. I recommend buying one of each type of knife so that you don’t run into trouble when processing your meat.

Types of Butcher Knives

Victorinox Boning Knife with 6-inch Blade and Fibrox HandleBoning Knife

Characterized by a long and narrow blade, the boning butcher knife has a sharp point and is typically useful when cutting bones out of pork, meats and various types of fish.

Buy a boning knife for helping you cut those crude bones out of your venison and other meats.

Victorinox Cutlery 10-Inch Curved Cimeter Knife, Granton Edge, Black Fibrox Handle - Butcher KnifeCimeter Knife

If you are processing large hunks of meat, you definitely will need a large knife for the job. The Cimeter Knife comes in various sizes and is typically 10-14 inches long, making it the ideal knife for cutting up beef tenderloins, various types of steak and other large pieces of meat.

Buy a Cimeter Knife to help you cut up those large pieces of tenderloin and venison you may have.

J.A. Henckels International Classic Stainless-Steel Meat Cleaver Cleaver Knife

Probably the most notable and identifiable knife in any butchers collection is the Cleaver Knife. This particular type of knife is characterized by it’s blade, which tends to be quite broad, thick and shaped similar to a square. The main function of this knife is in cutting through bone and gristle, but can be used for many other tasks in your shop.

Buy a good Cleaver Knife to cut through that bone and gristle you are processing in no time!

Messer Slicer

If you have a need for thinner cuts, then you will need a Messer Slicer. A Messer Slicer is used to slice meat, such as turkey or roasts, into smaller more manageable slices or portions. Think deli meats and cold cuts – they are very thin and often come sliced in small manageable portions perfect for sandwiches and snacking.

Meyerco Mossberg 2-Piece Skinning Knife with Bone HandleSkinning Knife

If your like me and process your own venison and wild game at home, then you probably need or already have a good Skinning Knife. These knives are used in removing any type of skin or hides from all kinds of meat, whether it is a turkey or beef.

You will be surprised how much time you will save by buying a good Skinning Knife!

Wusthof Classic 2-3/4-Inch Trimming Knife Trimming Knife

Whether you enjoy cooking filet mignon or a good piece of venison steak, a Trimming Knife can certainly make the task of trimming excess fat from the meat much easier and safer. This butcher knife is usually smaller than other knives at about 6-8 inches in length, however is an indispensable tool for any butcher or chef.

Trim excess time from your meat processing by purchasing a quality Trimming Knife.

Recommended Venison Butcher Knife and Knife Sets

Having 20+ years of venison butchering and processing experience, I suggesting buying a butcher knife or knife set from one of the four best known brands available on the market today: Victorinox, Dexter-Russell, F. Dick, or Mundial. For more information on each brand and the types of knives they  offer, follow the links below.

Victorinox Knives
Victorinox butcher knife

Dexter-Russell Knives
Dexter-Russell butcher knife

F. Dick Knives
F. Dick butcher knife

Mundial Knives
Mundial butcher knife

Select the Best Butcher Knife for Your Game

Buying the best butcher knife does not need to be hard – simply follow my above recommendations and you will be hacking away at your venison, wild game and other meat in no time. When you select a recommended butcher knife from above, you will start saving money as you begin to process venison or your other meat at home.