Best Hunting Lights and Flashlights

Overview of the Best Hunting Lights

Best Hunting Lights - Browning Tactical Hunter Hunt Master OD Light, Green Good hunting lights are one of the most important pieces of gear you will pack before heading out on a hunting trip. Experienced hunters will almost always have several flashlights on hand. You will want one for the campsite, one of the pocket, one for your vehicle and possibly even a headlamp. Deer hunters may also want to have one or several red hunting lights for night hunting. The red light is not as noticible to deer as a white light and you can still see well with it. It also makes it easy to track blood when searching for your prey at night. The red light may simply be a lense that fits over your exhisting flashlight or a completely separate peice of equipment dedicated for night hunting.

Hunting Lights – Pick a Reputable Brand

There are many well known and reputable brands of hunting lights. Choosing the right one in many cases can certainly be a personal choice and a matter of personal preference. However, based on consumer reviews and various hunting guides, here are a few of the best and most popular options available today.

Hunting Lights We Recommend

Primos Mini Bloodhunter Plus LED Blood Trailing Flashlight

Primos Mini Bloodhunter Plus hunting lightsTrack blood easily at night with the Primos Mini Bloodhunter Plus LED Blood Trailing Flashlight, which features a rubber O-ring that seals out moisture for heavy water resistance. The flashlight has red, green, full-strength and reduced-strength lighting options to help you track blood, and 5 LEDs produce a 95-lumen output, providing a bright light. The flashlight provides light up to 4 hours on 2 LEDs, up to 6 hours on 2 reduced LEDs and up to 8 hours on a white LED.

Features and Benefits:

•5 LEDs produce a 95-lumen output for a bright light
•Provides light up to 4 hours on 2 LEDs, up to 6 hours on 2 reduced LEDs and up to 8 hours on a white LED
•Red light, green light, full-strength and reduced-strength options help you track blood at night
•Rubber O-ring seals out moisture for heavy water resistance
•Holster with belt straps is included to offer easy and secure carrying
•Requires 3 AA batteries (included)

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Browning 3324 Pro Hunter Twin Beam Char Flashlight

Best Hunting Lights - Browning Tactical Hunter Hunt Master OD Light, Green With 100 lumens in the main beam, the Twin Beam+ is the ultimate hunting flashlight. The main beam uses a Cree® XP-C LED to throw 100 lumens of light out to 100 meters. A new green Cree® XP-C LED emits 70 lumens – easily 15 times more powerful than other green LEDs that give off 4-5 lumens – for the maximum in stealthy brightness without disturbing the animals nearby. A new Soft-Sunshine LED limits glare for better up-close map reading and tracking. The light flashes in any setting (including green) by holding down the switch for 2 seconds. Memory feature returns to the most recent setting when you turn the light back on. Three AAA batteries are included.

Features and Benefits

  • Ultra-light, ultra-tough polymer construction with rugged aluminum lens ring
  • Textured non-slip body for secure grip in wet weather
  • O-ring sealed for water-resistance – Length – 5.1″
  • Distance: High: 100 meters, Low: 70 meters, SS LED: 15 meters
  • LEDs: (1) Cree XP-C White, (1) Cree XP-C Green, (1) Soft-Sunlight 5mm LED

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MAGLITE S2D016 Heavy-Duty 2-D Cell Flashlight, Black

MAGLITE S4D016 Heavy-Duty 4-D Cell Flashlight, Black Bright lights, burly cases, fail-safe on/off switches, virtual indestructibility: there are good reasons to rave about Mag Instrument flashlights. Powered by 2 D-cell batteries, the bright, powerful light adjusts from spot to flood simply by rotating the head. The light is housed in a case made of high-strength aluminum alloy that has been anodized inside and out. This, along with high-quality O-rings at both openings, give you water- and shock-resistance in a lightweight package. Maglite’s switches are rubber-coated, weather-protected, and self-cleaning-they’re virtually indestructible. In short, this flashlight is almost indestructible-a good quality when it comes to the tools re rely on to help you find your way in the dark. Limited lifetime warranty. Requires 2 D-cell batteries (not included). Includes spare bulb (stored in end-cap).

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Petzl Camo Tactikka Headlamp

Petzl E89 PC Tactikka XP Headlamp, Camouflage The Tactikka is a technical headlamp with a tiltable lamp body that is both comfortable and lightweight. Use the red filter for discrete light and preservation of night vision.


  • 3 L.E.D.s. with up to 150 hours of burn time
  • Alternates easily between red and white light with red flip down filter
  • Wide angle lens provides flood beam proximity lighting
  • Operates on three AAA batteries (batteries included)
  • Water resistant for all weather use
  • Adjustable headband fits all, even over helmets
  • Size: 2 in. x 4 in. x 1.7 in. Wt. 2.5 oz.

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Recommended Hunting Lights Conclusion

We hope this guide helps you pick the perfect hunting lights for your next excursion. Whether you will be purchasing this as a gift for the deer hunter this holiday season, or for yourself, good hunting lights will always come in handy and helpful.