Pairing Wines with Venison

Enhance the flavors of game meat with the perfect bottle of wine

Pairing wine with venisonOver the years, game like venison has seen increased popularity at dinner parties and special functions. Where beef and pork steaks and even lamb chops had once dominated, venison has begun to shine. There is, however, a question that many people who want to serve venison steaks at classy gatherings always seem to encounter: what wine goes with venison?

The flavor of venison is rich and gamey, but it’s also quite lean, so finding the best wine to go with it is a bit tough. Susy Atkins of The Telegraph, however, has found the answer: north-west Italian reds made from the nebbiolo grape. Wines made with the nebbiolo grape are graceful and smooth, but intensely flavored, able to match the complex textures and tastes of venison.

In fact, it’s red wine that seems to go best with venison, as Matching Food and Wine also recommends a modern Spanish red wine with a delicious serving of roast venison. Full-bodied reds compliment venison quite well, and chefs also often experiment with using red wines to marinate and boil venison, or even just as a sauce to go along with beautiful cuts of the meat. Read more…

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Venison Steak Recipes Added

venison steak recipesWhat can I say other than I guess that I’m just a die hard venison steak lover. No matter what venison marinade I use to cook my steaks, I always find joy in eating it. Maybe it’s because I am proud of the fact that I was able to prepare my own deer meat at home, or maybe it’s the fact that I find joy in sharing it with the ones I love. Whatever the case may be, I am a dedicated outdoorsman who loves not only venison steak, but anything venison for that matter.

Venison Steak doesn’t Have to be tough to eat…

That’s why I’m starting a new section of VenisonHQ dedicated to Venison Steak. If your a deer hunter like me, then you should really enjoy venison. In my many years of experience, I’ve learned that cooking your own deer meat does not have to be tough or gamey tasting. In fact, many of my friends and family can’t believe when I tell them they’re eating Venison!

Venison Steak Recipes, Preparation Tips and Much More…

Simply follow my venison preparation guides and recipes and you will be good to go no matter what type of venison you are making. Easily remove the gamey taste from all your favorite venison cuts by following the information on our site. If you’re looking for the best venison recipes, then look no further than the link below. Enjoy!

Venison Steak Recipes

More Venison Information…

For more venison related information, feel free to explore all of the venison cooking tips and venison how-to guides on our website. We have compiled a wealth of information on all things venison. Contact us today to submit your favorite recipe, or subscribe to our newsletter to receive our FREE 150 Premium Venison Recipe book today, which includes many of our favorite venison steak recipes and marinades.

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Gifts for Deer Hunters

If you are like me and are struggling to find the best gifts for deer hunters, then you have certainly come to the right place. With so many ideas to choose from, I often find it hard to select the perfect hunting gift. Do you want something funny and humorous- a gift that will make the whole family laugh? Does the one you love need new clothing or boots for their hunting expedition so they don’t get cold and wet? Or maybe there are some tools or accessories they need in order to make snagging the big one easier? Whatever the case may be, we have a number of articles and information to help you find some unique, unusual and helpful gifts. Read more…

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The Best Meat Grinder for the Money

Best Meat Grinder for the MoneyI get emails and questions everyday from people looking for information on selecting the right equipment for processing their own deer at home. One question I always seem to get questions about is what is the best meat grinder for the money? Because I have been processing venison and other wild game for years, I have tried and tested several meat grinders and have put together some information on meat grinder reviews and recommendations.

Are you looking for the Best Meat Grinder for the Money?

Listed below are some of the reviews and recommendations I put together on selecting the best meat grinder for the money. When choosing a unit for yourself or your processing shop, there are a number of factors you must consider: Price, features, what you are processing, etc… To make sure you select the right grinder for your operation, follow our guide to selecting the Best Meat Grinder for the Money. To read some of our reviews and recommendations, simply follow the links below.

Best Meat Grinder for the Money – VenisonHQ’s Reviews and Recommendations

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New Recipe: Sweet & Spicy Venison Jerky

Sweet & Spicy Venison Jerky Recipe

Sweet & Spicy Venison JerkyI’m not going to lie, I have a sweet tooth and thats the reason why I love this Sweet & Spicy Venison Jerky Recipe. Although I love hot and spicy things, I also have a love of sweets (which sometimes gets me in trouble at the dentist!) If you are like me and enjoy sweets and hot stuff, then this this Sweet & Spicy Venison Jerky Recipe is for you. This is one of my favorite venison jerky recipes, as it incorporates a bit of a bite with a salty sweetness. A perfect combination in my opinion!


Read on for the full Sweet and Spicy Venison Recipe…

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